Well, summer is wrapping up and I’m literally writing this at the neighborhood pool, as I try to squeeze a last few hours out of the season. I lived in Seattle for years and, while Virginia summers can be miserably hot, humid and buggy, all those years of cloudy and cool left me a bit addicted to poolside living (I think I went swimming like three times while living in the Northwest).

Anyway, Streetlights Like Fireworks is included in this giveaway, but so are a bunch of other books. Evidently, someone will also be winning a $110 Amazon gift card. Not too shabby. Here’s the breakdown, as I understand it: There will be 1 Gift Card Winner, 11 Paperback Winners, and 1 ebook winner (who will get 13 ebooks), so a total of 13 winners.

I’ve never participated in one of these before, but I thought it might be fun as something new. I just figured I should let all of you know, since I’d love to see some of you guys claim the prizes!

I hope all of you here in the U.S. have a great Labor Day weekend, and that the rest of you have an equally fantastic weekend yourselves. I’ll be back in touch when there’s news.


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