The Dragonfly Season

Dragonfly_websitePsychic visions, visits from ghosts and telepathic connections. Must be time for date two.

For Lauren, there’s nothing particularly scary about seeing ghosts or experiencing psychic flashes. After all, this is the world she knows. Still, none of that prepares her for suddenly connecting with the mind of Vicky Stearns, a girl she’s never seen before. Lauren has no idea what caused the connection to happen or why, of all the people in the world, she received this psychic distress call. Her confusion soon turns to fear when she learns that the girl went missing earlier that same day.

There’s only one person Lauren can think of with abilities keen enough to help her navigate the visions gripping her. Jack, the boy whose own psychic awakening drew them on a journey across the country together last summer. But Lauren hasn’t seen Jack in nearly a year. She also gave him every possible signal that it was over between them, hoping he’d be better off without her in his new life. When Lauren sets out to unravel the mystery, she knows only two things: This will be her last chance with Jack and her only chance to save Vicky Stearns.

“Loved, loved, loved this book!! Couldn’t stop reading it til it was finished!” – Yvonne Weaver, Amazon reviewer

“As good as the first, this second book will make every reader eager for more of the continuing life journey of Jack and Lauren.” – Wyominggal, Amazon reviewer

“When I started reading it, the rest of the world dropped away.” – John Sanders, Amazon reviewer

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