Stepping into the Sky

Angels, demons and dream worlds. A whole new level of risk.

When Henry and Nikki are asked to speak to one of the Mentors, they suspect everything is about to change. They’ve only caught sight of Lysrus once before, in a blinding flash that left them wondering what kind of supernatural creature he might be. Now, they suspect they’re about to enter a completely new level of experience. They couldn’t be more right.

Lysrus asks them to help Rose, a girl trapped in a twisted dream world created by guilt at her past life actions. Henry and Nikki soon face challenges unlike any before. Can they make Rose trust them enough to see that she was a victim and not a killer? Can they shatter the illusion keeping her trapped as a ghost? Success will leave them to choose between Service in their realm or a new life together on Earth. Failure means being pulled into the very dream from which Rose herself cannot escape.

“An entertaining and captivating story featuring characters I’ve grown to LOVE over the series.” – Jody H, Amazon reviewer

“I loved this continuing story of Henty and Nikki! Once again, keeps you turning page after page to see where everyone will end up.” – Penny H, Amazon reviewer

“Stepping Into the Sky upped the creative, supernatural game and was as much a page turner as the first two. I think I want to start back at the beginning and take this ride again!” – Tina, Amazon reviewer

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