Memories from a Different Future

In the afterlife, you’re not supposed to see ghosts.

But it seems that’s exactly what’s been happening to Nikki when she starts encountering spectral visits from Curtis, her friend who started a new life on Earth twenty years ago. Curtis’s presence in the “In-Between” has to mean something serious. Nikki soon learns that, three days from now, an incident on Earth will end Curtis’s new life.

Now, Nikki and her friends must find a way to alter the outcome of a future event only they know will take place. They’ll also have just minutes to make that happen. Otherwise, Curtis is going to die again, taking with him any hope Nikki and her friends had for starting over.

“The plot moves along with unexpected twists and turns that make me completely unable to put the book down!” – Jennifer, Amazon reviewer

“Once again, I found myself racing through to share the characters’ lives (and their “deaths”) on this incredible adventure of two different worlds blended beautifully together as one. This is a remarkable story that will make you think and look at your life in a a wonderfully new way. – Sean McDonnell, Amazon reviewer

“Amazing ride into a perspective of what might happen when we are between lives. Loved it!!!” – Mya Blue, Amazon reviewer

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