SLF_Playlist2One of the best things about being a writer is hearing from readers who’ve just discovered your books.  It’s a great way to gain new perspectives on the worlds and characters you created and sometimes reminds you of aspects you may not have thought of in a while. This happened to me the other day when someone got in touch after reading Streetlights Like Fireworks. Mainly, she just wanted to tell me how much she enjoyed the book and that she was recommending it to others but she also went on to ask  if I’d ever considered creating a playlist. Her question reminded just how infused that book is with music. Music is, after all, at the heart of Jack’s personal journey and the catalyst launching the actual journey he and Lauren share as they travel together across the country. A playlist seemed like a really great idea.

So, here’s the long overdue Jack and Lauren’s Infinite Playlist. Okay, maybe it’s not infinite but it keeps growing (and I wanted to borrow that movie title). By the way, the list is annotated so you can find out where each song fits in by reading the notes beneath each song title. I hope you like what you hear and I’d love to hear from you regarding whether you imagined Jack and Lauren’s soundtrack this way or if you imagine any other songs being included.

Click on the link to go along for the ride: Jack and Lauren’s Infinite Playlist