I guess it was last January when I felt compelled to embrace the seized diem and share that the book I’d just released, Stepping into the Sky, had been featured as a Hot New Release on Amazon. It was an exciting first for me and, while for many more experienced writers it might be no big deal, I was amazed to see one of my books get the spotlight pointed its way, if even briefly.

Well, I’m seizing the day again to share something that just much blew me away last night, so much so that I ran upstairs carrying my laptop and told my family, “Guys, you have to see this!” What I’d just discovered was that Streetlights Like Fireworks  had gained the ranking of #1 Bestseller in Psychic Suspense and #1 Bestseller in Ghosts & Haunted Houses on Amazon. Not only that but Streetlights Like Fireworks was also featured as Top Rated. There was more. Before that, The Dragonfly Season (Streetlights Like Fireworks 2) had also held the rankings of #1 Bestseller in Psychic Suspense and #1 Bestseller in Ghosts & Haunted Houses. Yes, it was a little weird to realize that the book keeping Streetlights Like Fireworks from the #1 spot was its follow-up book. Now, the Dragonfly Season was the #2 Bestseller in Psychic Suspense and Amazon was also featuring it as a Hot New Release in several categories. I was stunned to see my books gain the kind of visibility I’d heard other writers describe on the podcasts I obsessively listen to while driving each day. My exact thought was something like, “Holy crap, those are my books!”

If there’s anything I’ve learned by now, it’s that the publishing landscape is ever-shifting. The same goes for book popularity, of course. A book doing well today might not be doing quite so well tomorrow. Literally. While right now, these two books have (to me, the somewhat stunning) rankings in the #1,500 range on Amazon (yes, something else I’d only imagined before), I also realize they can sink at any time. By next week, I’ll likely be saying, “Eh, 5,000 is not so  bad” and then the following week, “Okay, well, #20,000 is okay too” and so on. I’m not pessimistic. I’ve just been at this long enough now to be realistic. There are a lot of books out there and, for now, a couple of mine are having some time in the sun. That’s as far as it goes, which is not to say I’m not totally elated. Believe me, I am.

So, I’m sharing because it’s another milestone on this journey I started somewhat blindly not long ago having no idea what to expect. And, months or years from now, maybe I’ll look back at blog archives, see this and remember the excitement I feel this weekend. It’s just a good feeling to know that people are enjoying my books.

So, that’s it. Day officially seized again. Time to crack that bottle of…well, beer, actually. Can’t afford champagne just yet but you never know what tomorrow will bring.