Distance_websiteA ghost who brings visions of fire. A runaway girl on the streets. A psychic who might be lying about someone’s death. It must be time for Jack and Lauren to get serious.

Ghosts, Lauren can handle. People, on the other hand, can be scary as hell. So when Lauren finds herself visited by a young girl who’s clearly no longer of this world, she’s more intrigued than anything else. It’s only when this ongoing visitation coincides with receiving a psychic distress call from a girl who desperately wants to stay missing that Lauren becomes both curious and frightened.

Soon, Jack and Lauren find themselves pitted against a ticking clock as they try to rescue a girl the police are searching for, at least one man is hunting, and who another psychic claims to have already seen dead.

“The world this author creates is amazing. Climb in the VW bus and buckle up – you are in for a wild ride!” – Eclectic, Amazon reviewer

“I can’t recommend this series enough. Go and read it.” – Lacey Lane, Amazon reviewer

“I’ve read every book by this author, and I delight in them. I re-read them, and with each reading I discern nuances and depths of meaning previously missed. I can’t wait for the next book.” – Chic, Amazon reviewer

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