It was only a few months ago that I posted here about the release of The Dragonfly Season (Streetlights Like Fireworks, Book 2). As soon as that one went out, I started working on Distance (Streetlights Like Fireworks, Book 3). This new one came together quickly and I had a lot of fun writing it. These characters have become like family to me—and, while I tell myself I should start a new series soon and I plan to do just that—I keep enjoying the company of Jack, Lauren and all the others who’ve come to life since writing Streetlights Like Fireworks, that book I imagined as a stand-alone novel before readers convinced me otherwise (thank you, readers!). The last few months went by fast and Distance (Streetlights Like Fireworks, Book 3) is out there, as of today!

Thanks again to all of you who offered to read and review the ARC version! Your reviews made a huge difference in making this book launch special so far!

Here’s what Jack and Lauren are up to this time:

A ghost who brings visions of fire. A runaway girl on the streets. A psychic who might be lying about someone’s death. It must be time for Jack and Lauren to get serious.

Ghosts, Lauren can handle. People, on the other hand, can be scary as hell. So when she finds herself visited by a young girl who’s clearly no longer of this world, Lauren is more intrigued than anything else. It’s only when this ongoing visitation coincides with receiving a psychic distress call from a girl who desperately wants to stay missing that Lauren becomes both curious and frightened.

Jack also connects with this same teenage runaway, in a moment he assumes to be nothing more than a fleeting psychic encounter. What he doesn’t realize is that this is the same girl Lauren has been searching for, even while he’s unknowingly left with an object that will allow him to connect with her again.

Soon, Lauren and Jack find themselves pitted against a ticking clock as they try to rescue a girl the police are searching for, at least one man is hunting, and who another psychic claims to have already seen dead.

Click here to snag a copy of Distance (Streetlights Like Fireworks, Book 3). By the way, for this week the Kindle version will be $0.99 during the release launch.

Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of this book launch!

Update: Talk about good timing — the print copies just arrived this afternoon. Look at those beauties!