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What’s been going on (and a bit of a dilemma)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here but there’s some cool stuff going on so I figured it was time I updated things. The coolest thing going on right now is that I’m starting to receive the audio chapters

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Embrace the Seized Diem (Part 2)

I guess it was last January when I felt compelled to embrace the seized diem and share that the book I’d just released, Stepping into the Sky, had been featured as a Hot New Release on Amazon. It was an

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The Dragonfly Season (and some really good news)

Guess who’s hitting the road again this summer. Jack and Lauren in The Dragonfly Season (Streetlights Like Fireworks, Book 2)! I had a lot of fun writing this one so thanks to those who read Streetlights Like Fireworks and then

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The End (Not Really)

So, I’ve been thinking about endings lately. Yes, this has something to do with finishing a new novel but it also involves a recent comment from someone saying Streetlights Like Fireworks is a “cliff-hanger.” I’ve heard this once or twice

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It happened again!

Back in February, I submitted Jump When Ready to ACX (the folks who produce audiobooks for Amazon, Audible and iTunes) just to see if maybe they might put a stipend on the project to attract narrators/producers. Since ACX had just done this

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Bay Area Book Festival Defends Author Solutions Sponsorship

Originally posted on David Gaughran:
I discovered yesterday that Author Solutions was sponsoring the inaugural Bay Area Book Festival – something at odds with the breathless verbiage on the event’s site: A new kind of book fair… the largest, most…

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Streetlights Goes Audio!

  The audio book version of Streetlights Like Fireworks is now out and available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes! Yep, I’m kind of excited about this since it’s a first for me. In fact, having an audiobook version of one

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