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Streetlights Like Fireworks

My new novel, Streetlights Like Fireworks, is now out and what a great way to kick things off! Check out this nice first review from book blogger, Bayan Basri: “The pacing was great and the plot was definitely engaging, it

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Jump When Ready Review

This is just such a great review for Jump When Ready on Goodreads. I really loved this one and appreciate the time it took so much. “So, this is well conceived, well crafted, a bit challenging for a YA reader,

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Don’t stop

I know this might sound a bit like bragging (I hope not) but someone I haven’t actually met emailed me today to say this: “So far both your stories have caught me right away and I don’t want to put

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I’m Going to Tell You a Nasty Secret about the Publishing Industry

Originally posted on See Lorca Write:
Years ago, I was one of the sheep. I feverishly queried agents, I kept spreadsheets of where I’d sent queries, I attended conferences with breakout sessions called “How to Land an Agent,” and I…

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Writer’s A, B, C: Free tools for finding happy new readers

Originally posted on C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m:
1. Anonymity is the problem. 2. Discoverability is the issue. 3. Being broke is the obstacle. 4. Prolificacy is the strategy. 5. Generosity…

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New Facebook Author Page

Thanks for all your support for my Jump When Ready Facebook page up until now. Wow, over 1,300 likes — much appreciated! Since I’ll soon be publishing a new novel, I decided I really should start a Facebook author page

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