Month: February 2014

Just nice. Thanks!

I noticed this on Goodreads last night from someone who read Jump When Ready. Yep, it made my day (and I was already in a good mood since it was snowing). There’s nothing better than getting this kind of feedback from a reader:

“A fascinating world, lovable characters and a nail-biter story. What else can one ask for in a novel?”

Doesn’t that sound like something you’d read on a book cover? Thanks!

The attitude (and the radio show) indie authors need to succeed

David Pandolfe:

Such a cool post about the spirit of indie publishing. I’m new at the game but I’ve been encountering the same kind of generosity and collaboration. Just makes it all that much more exciting and rewarding.

Originally posted on C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m:

This week on a podcast I heard a couple of guys who own a small press quibble over what qualifies as “indie” versus what “self-publishing” is and OH MY THOR! WHO CARES? They don’t understand that any serious self-publisher is a publisher. I know of no one who attacks the challenge alone. We have editors and proofreaders and graphic artists. We recruit volunteers and call on experts. The distinction these podcasters were quibbling about is so two to three years ago and I’m sick of it. We don’t go it alone if we’re to have any chance at succeeding. Truly solitary efforts? Those stinkers sink like lead in a helium sea. They can keep talking. We’ll keep moving forward.

Someone else questioned the use of the word “revolution” in our little make-up-stuff context.

The tagline at ChazzWrites used to be “Join the Publishing Revolution.” I wrote that because the ability…

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Why the radio silence…

Just a quick post since I’ve been a bit remiss. My apologies but I’ve been head down finalizing edits on Streetlights Like Fireworks, plus getting the print and ebook covers ready to go. Might be a few more weeks but the new novel will be out soon. I’ve also been been asked recently whether there might be a sequel to Jump When Ready coming any time in the future. The answer is yes! I have to say, I wanted that one to be stand-alone at first but I haven’t been able to resist the story that came to mind. At this point, I’m about half way through a first draft. So, maybe this spring? Not sure. Summer, definitely. Hope you’re all doing great and watch for Streetlights Like Fireworks soon!